Tuesday, May 29, 2007

AIKIDO, "The Way of Harmony"

"The Way of Harmony"
A martial art dedicated to peaceful conflict-resolution
with Andrew Reichart Sensei
Presented by [via]CORPORA, Aikido Shusekai & Theatre Dojo.

Thursdays, 7pm-8:30pm
$20 per class
or 5 class block for $75
beginners always welcome

Benefits of Aikido Shusekai training include:
• Increased calm, confidence, awareness, and focus
• Improved stamina, posture, flexibility, and coordination
• Increased poise and resourcefulness in the face of crisis and conflict
• A bearing and attitude that helps to defuse potential conflicts before they start
• Healing of old fears and traumas related to conflict and aggression
• Meeting good people
• Fun!

call Andrew Reichart Sensei at 510.388.4483

ABOUT Aikido Shusekai:

Andrew Reichart Sensei of Theatre Dojo, founding member of Aikido Shusekai of Berkeley, Calif., is now teaching in Los Angeles. Aikido is a cutting-edge martial art that provides great exercise and increased self-confidence, as well as practical self-defense.

Aikido literally means "the way of harmony" or "the way of peace," and Aikido Shusekai means "Aikido for an excellent world."

Aikido is a peaceful martial art. It provides self-defense, but not by bashing your opponent until they stop moving. Instead, you learn to harmonize with an attacker's movements, enabling you to use their momentum against them with minimum effort on your part.

After all, an attacker isn't much of a threat if you're stronger than them. If you're bigger, you can just shove them aside and shrug. But what if someone is far mightier than you? Learning how to punch and kick is only going to get you so far. And what if there are two of them? Or three...? (With Aikido, you just throw them into each other. It's not only easy, it's hilarious.)

Perhaps most importantly, Aikido provides benefits that are
applicable throughout everyday life. Really, how much of our time do we spend in hand-to-hand combat? Hopefully none. So why practice a martial art at all? To improve our everyday lives, that's why.
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