Saturday, May 14, 2011

More North

Our cohorts the Grand Guignolers are offering a workshop at Dell Arte International in June!

JUNE 20-24 in beautiful Blue Lake, CA: arcata/eureka area - great healthy food, Redwood forests, Ocean, and other good stuff you'd find in that part of the country.

The theatre of terror and laughter....
with Michael Fields & Debbie McMahon

Once the most popular entertainment in Europe, Grand Guignol is an exciting theatre form that begat current thriller and horror films. Rarely taught, this “theatre of laughter and terror” explores our fascination with the macabre, playing with the violation of society’s taboos. Grand Guignol is wildly physical, intensely psychological, and filled with gruesome special effects. Explore both the physical performance styles and skills at the heart of the form, as well as the special effects (often closely held secrets) that so terrified the Grand Guignol audiences that a medical doctor was on hand for every performance to treat those who passed out from shock! The workshop will culminate in a late-night presentation of horror. Fee includes materials. $475.

Enrollment is here:

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dance on Land/Dance Without Sight

Our friends in Northern California are offering a workshop we'd like to bring to your attention.


Mana Hashimoto teaching at inkGround

Led by Mana Hashimoto
July 2 & 3, average of 5-6 hours per day, 2 days

 Dana Iova-Koga co-teaching w/ Shinichi at inkGround
Led by Shinichi and Dana Iova-Koga
July 5-9, average of 6-8 hours per day, 5 days

Held at inkGround, a dance center located in the remote Mattole valley of California’s Lost Coast, 6-hours drive from San Francisco.

This summer our explorations in the connection between body and its surroundings will include a two-day session with Mana Hashimoto, entitled “Dance without sight,” and a 5 day session with Shinichi and Dana Iova-Koga.

In “Dance without sight,” (July 2 & 3) participants will work under the guidance of gifted dancer and teacher Hashimoto, who is blind. Dancers will work with a new approach to the body and space that doesn’t use visual information- with eyes blindfolded- in order to open their other senses and to focus on their internal body.  (more below)

During “Dance on Land,” (July 5-9) we will be training in rigorous physicality and subtle listening. Elements of nature inform our movement. In yielding to the landscape’s mandate, we discover focus and sensitivity. We exhaust the body and its habits to activate the sensate body. We investigate core kinaesthetic and imagistic motives for movement in order to find dance on land.

We work from the body’s intrinsic tension, releasing the unnecessary to find a balance of strength and softness. We work from the center (tanden) to move the far-reaching limbs.  We develop listening in relation to time, space, motion, inner rhythms and one another.

inkGround is surrounded by trees, mountains, river, ocean, gardens and orchards. We will be working in all of these microclimates, as well as in the dance studio in the barn. Discovering the body in the environment and our places within it, we’ll work in solo, duet and group improvisations.

Housing is your tent.

Kitchen is outside. (Food is Delicious!)

Toilet is rustic.
To register, we require a non-refundable $50 deposit by June 1st to hold your place.
Go to:

Complete payment must be received on or before the first day of the workshop.


Tuition for “Dance Without Sight” only: $200
Tuition for “Dance on Land” only: $500
Tuition for both workshops $600 (You save $100!)
Food: $20 per day for omnivores, vegans or vegetarians, $25 per day for other special needs diets (ie gluten free, candida diet, etc.)
Food costs will be calculated once you arrive, depending upon the number of days you stay.

* Workshop tuition does not cover the cost of transportation to Petrolia
* WORKSHOP DATES DO NOT INCLUDE TRAVEL DAYS. Please allow for one day on either end to account for travel time.  (ex: if attending entire workshop, you would travel up on July 1 and travel back down on July 10).

* Discount available for “Dance on Land” session for returning students
* Very limited Work-trade available. See below.
  Work Trade at inkGround
This year there are very limited work trade spaces available.  We only need a few people with experience in construction/carpentry. The work session will fall during the week of June 24th-30th. Participation in the work trade session waives the $500 workshop fee for “Dance on Land” only. There is no work trade available for “Dance Without Sight.” Those doing work trade must contribute $10 per day to cover the cost of food for the work-days and $20 (or $25 for special diets) per day for food during the workshop week and any in between days. If interested in work trade, please request an application from Dana:
Applications to apply for work trade must be received by June 1st.
For more information about upcoming events, workshops and performances, please visit our website at:
Need to get a better idea of what goes on?  Go here:
Dates for BOTH workshops
(not including travel time)
Saturday, July 2  through Saturday, July 9

627 Lighthouse Road
PetroliaCA 95558

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