Monday, May 26, 2008

[via]Corpora Producing NEWS: Stephen Wangh Teacher's Summit

[via]Corpora is proud to announce that we have successfully helped Stephen Wangh (author of An Acrobat of the Heart) to gather a Teacher's Practicum at NACL in the Catskills July 5 -12, 2008. Bryan Brown will be attending the Practicum and will be reporting back on it later in the summer at the newly registered [via]Corpora What Arises? thoughts from the practice blog :

International Clown Sensation brings LA his unique CLOWN LAB!

[via]Corpora is incredibly excited to host Jef Johnson (principal clown in the international touring company of Slava's Snowshow) for a weekend intensive of his


June 21 and 22
1pm - 5pm
Art|Works Theatre
6569 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood 90038

Early Bird Special: $120 (pay before June 8)

register: see payment options in the upper right hand corner of this page

questions or more info:

The way to have and to be a sharp, powerful instrument is to be
minutely sensitive, and use that sensitivity to see the epiphanies that
have been sitting around you all along.

Stephen Nachmanovitch

Come and experience what the Clown Lab is about.
Unlock your creative impulse.

* Do you remember who you are?

* Forget what you think you know.

* Get back in tune with your heart.

* Re-discover the magic in the minute,
the simplistic, the absurd.

* Feel the joy of being stupid.

The feeling I have experienced is that you can't escape that
'just right' place. It becomes a sacred space, if you allow it.
Jef Johnson and his teachings brilliantly place the person in
just the right space for this to occur.
Julie Josephson, trombone artist

Suddenly there I was, standing blindfolded,
trying to count in two directions while walking
sideways and I had the most beautiful feeling
of stupidity...When the control was gone I felt
the greatest potential--the greatest freedom--
as if the control was actually big steel chains
holding me down.
Thomas McGinn, Actor/Director

Jef Johnson is a principal clown in the international touring company of Slava's Snowshow. As Clown, he has also toured with Cirque du Soleil. Jef has more than 20 years of experience working in a wide range of physical styles.His approach is rooted in subjective expression, physical expression of condition through impulse and reflex. He has studied corporeal expression from disciples of Grotowski, Suzuki, Marceau, Decroux, Lecoq, Meyerhold, M. Chekhov, Vakhtangov.

He has been commissioned for Master Classes, Lectures and Workshops in Acting, Theory, Character, Mask, Creative Play, Improvisation, and Clown for numerous theatre companies and universities, including Cirque du Soleil, New York Clown Theatre Festival, Camp Broadway, Slava's Snowshow, University of Houston, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, University of Minnesota, Empire State College and NYU.

For more on Jef and his Clown Lab:

Los Angeles Contact

Saturday, May 3, 2008

6 week Acting Intensive

Laboratory Theater Work for the foundations of the actor’s practice and the devising of performance
Based on Eastern European and Russian Traditions

Monday Evenings
May 19 – June 23
7 - 10pm

limited scholarships available

This Workshop will approach the necessities of creating a foundational actor's practice and its application to monolog and scene work through the systematic isolation, coordination and development of the psychic, physical and vocal aspects of the performer’s body thus allowing deeper expression and revelation of the self in performance.

[via]Corpora Studio
6575 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90038

Clothes to move in
Text (chosen by participant and instructor)

You may want:
An extra shirt
A long sleeve shirt/sweatshirt (during breaks)

A notebook and pen (time for hunkering)


BRYAN BROWN has studied physical theater extensively in New York City, Europe, and Los Angeles. He has recently been invited to South Korea as Artist-in-Residence at Hooyang Performing Arts Centre. Previously, his last reconnaissance was 6 weeks in Wroclaw, Poland intensely working with instructors gathered by the Grotowski Institute as well as a profound worksession with Song of the Goat (teatr Piesn Kozla). For almost a decade, Bryan has researched with various physical theater investigators including Stephen Wangh and Raina von Waldenburg, Shinichi Iova-Koga, Mary Overlie and other Viewpoints practitioners, the members of Odin Teatret, Commedia dell'Arte instructors, Contact Dance originators, as well as the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. The deepest application has been the process of creating, leading and learning with various experimental ensembles culminating in the work with Artel.

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