Monday, July 20, 2009

Teatr Zar Workshops in November

In collaboration with The Grotowksi Institute and Arden 2, [via]Corpora is proud to announce that it will be hosting workshops with Teatr Zar when they return to Los Angeles for the presentation of their Triptych at UCLA Live! presented in association with Arden 2.

Members of Teatr Zar will be leading different workshops while they are in LA in mid-November.

One will focus on their polyphonic singing technique utilizing songs primarily from Georgia and Corsica. This workshop is open to anyone interested in work with songs. We hope to see many of our friends that participated in the Karagod workshops last year!

The other workshop will be an extended session of song and physical work. These workshops will aim at discovering the creative possibilities when polyphonic song is used for ensemble building and theatrical action. The physical work will be solo and partner investigations utilizing rhythm, isolations, contact, and actor-acrobatics to discover the links between image and action.

We hope to gather a group of dedicated artists that want to experience the ensemble rigor that distinguishes Polish theatre.

The workshops are planned for Mid-November (dates and times to be announced in early Autumn). We will be posting an application for the workshops soon; however, if you are interested please contact Bryan Brown at bryan[at]
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