Monday, October 1, 2012

To Live, Darling

Art Via Corpora is proud to announce that our cohorts Ilana Turner and Christopher Sivertsen are in the next stages of development for the Rejane project's full-length production

'To Live, Darling'

In her day Réjane was as famous as her colleague and friend Sarah Bernhardt. Réjane premiered works by Sardou, Meilhac & Halevy and played the first French translation of Ibsen's "A Doll's House." Réjane was Ibsen's favorite Nora. Réjane ran her own theatre (still standing as Théâtre de Paris) and toured the world. Réjane had children, married, divorced and as part of her divorce proceedings was awarded the right to sign her own contracts at a time when women were still legally obligated to have their husbands sign for them. Today, most people have heard of Sarah Bernhardt; almost no one remembers Réjane. 

This dedicated piece of research theatre will incorporate musicality and physicality created and provoked by Rejane's own granddaughter, Adrien Reju, and the Awake Project's leader, Christopher Sivertsen.

Such remarkable women often slip through the cracks of history. Ilana only became familiar with Réjane's story through Adrien's familiy. (Their two families have been friends for decades.) Adrien's family has provided unfettered access to Réjane's original letters and photos, all of which inspired The Réjane Project. Research has taken the team to Paris (BnF, Moulin Rouge and more); New York; Bennington, VT; Seattle and Los Angeles.

A workshop showing will take place on 11 October at Artworks Theatre 6569 Santa Monica Blvd.

The Rejane Project has started an indiegogo campaign to raise the final funding necessary to create the full production in Spring 2013.  Please visit to find out more about the project and ways in which you can help.
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